A New (hopefully boring) Year!

A New (hopefully boring) Year!

Well, 2020 was... interesting.
There is an ancient Chinese curse that says, "May you live in interesting times."

Thanks, but I've had enough. I want my life to be as boring as possible for the coming year, so that I can channel all of my focus, energy, and excitement into my writing.

So far, very interesting things are brewing. There is a series of three novellas in the works about a submissive who is so well trained that she's lost without a Master.

I'm working on another series that is taking a bit of time due to the world-building. Dystopian future romance, and the series takes place in an enclosed area. It's got the potential for so much desperate heat that I can't wait to get writing!

Please make sure that you're on the email list for updates. The first installment of Shadow Girl will be arriving January 18th.

Thanks for reading, and I hope that you're staying safe and healthy. Wishing you a boring, calm, mellow New Year!

~ Lexie