End of Summer? Really?

End of Summer? Really?

Those little guys come out on the porch when it rains. I guess they don't want to drown in the garden. 

It's been... well, not chilly, but less hot this week. I've needed a hoodie when it's breezy, and long sleeves in my office. It's so weird, even knowing that another wave of heat will be setting in next week. 

In case you're interested, my writing desk faces a huge window that is about a hundred years old. So it's not that much of a block against the heat and cold. In the summer, the ceiling fan above me is my very best friend. In the winter, I have a space heater, plus a toque (wool cap or beanie for the non-Canadians), and a bunch of candles. 

Toronto is dedicated to seriously blasting all four seasons very clearly. Prepare yourself for a few photos of fall leaves next month. 

I'm going to be missing some of it, because I have SO many new books on the go. Exciting times. I'm completely fired up about the new L.R. Renard romance series, but still have a lot of Lexie's naughty shorts to write. It's going to be a whirling vortex of notes in here. 

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